Acute Injuries
Dr Josh Bugeja

Hamstring Injuries

As winter sports begin again, the potential risk of associated injuries also increases. Sports have an increased risk of participants developing soft tissue injuries, specifically hamstring injuries. Muscular injuries constitute around 40% of sports related injuries, with the hamstrings being the most frequently affected muscle group. Especially in sports that

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children with ergonomic school backpacks
Dr Belinda Coulton

Choosing the Right School Bag

What to look for when buying a new school bag Ergonomic back packs best suit children entering school and returning to primary school. To find the right school bag that’s best in size and fit, here is what to look for: Light-weight material or made from canvas A moulded frame

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Dr Mitchell Evans

Dry Needling and Myofascial Cupping

Dry Needling And Myofascial Cupping Are Effective Adjunct Therapies In The Treatment Of Musculoskeletal Complaints.
The application of both Dry needling and Myofascial cupping require further training, and can be useful in complementing manual “hands on” therapy you receive from your practitioner.

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Dr Becky Hull

The Philosophy of Osteopathy

We often get asked “What is osteopathy?” and “How does it differ to other manual therapies?” There are 3 main tenets that underpin the philosophy of osteopathy and form the basis of everything we do: 1) The body is a unit. Osteopaths treat the entire person and believe that the

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Getting Older
Dr Georgia Radic

Prevention and Management of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is the most common bone disease, affecting millions of people worldwide. Current statistics indicate that it’s prevalence increases with age, although it is more common among women and those who have a direct relative with Osteoporosis. This condition is known for a key characteristic: decreased bone density. Decreased bone

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pregnant women doing exercise safely
Dr Michelle Derrick

Importance of Exercise During Pregnancy

It was Women’s Health Week last month and so to celebrate let’s discuss the benefits of exercise for women during pregnancy. Pregnancy is an amazing time of a woman’s life, and truly shows what a woman’s body can do when bringing another life into the world. However, many women during

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