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Man suffering from headache
Head & Face
Dr Patrick Callanan

Your Headache Is Likely Affected by Your Neck

Headaches caused by your neck are usually a result of the top three joints in your neck not moving properly.  This is not something that will show up in a scan, and so the diagnosis must be confirmed via a physical examination from a skilled clinician. Osteopaths for many years

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osteopath treating knee pain
Getting Older
Dr Ryley Smyth

Maintaining Ageing Knees

As we age gracefully, maintaining overall health becomes the highest of priorities. During these periods the importance of maintaining knee strength and mobility is often overlooked. Our ageing knees are intricate joints, that are susceptible to wear and tear as time progresses. The knees play a pivotal role in all

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Acute Injuries
Dr Josh Bugeja

Hamstring Injuries

As winter sports begin again, the potential risk of associated injuries also increases. Sports have an increased risk of participants developing soft tissue injuries, specifically hamstring injuries. Muscular injuries constitute around 40% of sports related injuries, with the hamstrings being the most frequently affected muscle group. Especially in sports that

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photo of someone gardening while also preventing pain
Dr Belinda Coulton

Gardening Tips to Prevent Pain

This is indeed the time of year when gardeners everywhere rush out to their gardens with gusto – and with little thought as to whether they are bodily prepared for the exercise which they are about to do.

So here are some handy gardening tips which may help you prevent any injuries whilst out in the garden this spring.

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man experiencing discomfort while driving
Dr Georgia Radic

Minimising Discomfort When Driving

It’s a well-known fact that driving can cause or aggravate pain. Below are some of the seat positioning and pain management strategies that can help to reduce and manage discomfort when driving.

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