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mature couple safely exercising
Dr Belinda Coulton

Exercises for Ageing Bones

Are you in (or approaching) your later years? Are you wondering what you can do to ensure your bones stay strong through the next period of your life? As we age it is common to begin feeling the effects of years of ‘life’ on your body. Diseases like osteoarthritis (i.e. degeneration of joints) and osteoporosis (i.e. weakening of bones) are more common in the elderly population. But just because the figures show this, it doesn’t mean these diseases will affect your ability to lead a full and active life.

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photo of woman with sore runner's knee
Knee & Calf
Dr Jessica Inman

Runners Knee? I’m Not a Runner!

You do not have to be a runner to develop runner’s knee. Runner’s knee is just the common name used to describe pain around the patella, more commonly known as the kneecap.

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