COVID and Return to Sport Injuries

athlete suffering a return to sport injuries

The crisp frosty mornings, the smell of deep heat in the trainer’s room, meat pies in the warmer, and the sound of umpire’s whistles in the background!

It has been so wonderful to get back to our local sporting clubs this year to cheer on our junior and seniors athletes! Netball, soccer, hockey, footy, tennis, cricket or whatever you play, its great to be back!

Home Office Set-Up Improvements

man working on a laptop set-up in home office

It is very unsettling times currently and a lot of people who are lucky to still have their jobs are even luckier if they can work from home. But is your home office set-up optimal for you body, posture and concentration levels?

Having an ideal desk set-up is hard enough at times without the sudden shift in location due to this pandemic. However, having the right set-up can release pressure from sore shoulders and necks that are already under strain from our heightened levels of stress. Not only can poor ergonomics (work place design/equipment) cause new issues, it can make chronic issues like lower back pain from things such as injury, trauma or osteoarthritis more severe due to this added postural stress and strain.

Runners Knee? I’m Not a Runner!

photo of woman with sore runner's knee

You do not have to be a runner to develop runner’s knee. Runner’s knee is just the common name used to describe pain around the patella, more commonly known as the kneecap.

Do Short Breaks Increase Concentration?

man at work struggling with concentration

Do you find yourself sitting at work, or studying, and an hour later you look at your watch and you have completed barely anything since the last time you looked at it? This is a form of fatigue. It is common for our brain to lack the ability to execute sustained attention and concentration for […]

The Importance of Stretching

Injury prevention and post exercise recovery is important for any athlete or individual that enjoys an active lifestyle, but does it matter if we skip our warm-up, or don’t have time for a cool-down with an sufficient stretch at the end of an intense work out? The difference between warming up stretches and cool down […]