COVID and Return to Sport Injuries

athlete suffering a return to sport injuries

The crisp frosty mornings, the smell of deep heat in the trainer’s room, meat pies in the warmer, and the sound of umpire’s whistles in the background!

It has been so wonderful to get back to our local sporting clubs this year to cheer on our junior and seniors athletes! Netball, soccer, hockey, footy, tennis, cricket or whatever you play, its great to be back!

But here is the negative.

In just the first two rounds of footy and netball at my local footy and netball club, we have had two dislocated fingers, many rolled ankles, multiple hamstring and muscle strains and even a disc bulge! Ouch!

So what is the difference?


After not playing at all last year, and this year having the challenge of multiple lock downs and disruptions to trainings, injuries are at an all time high.
These injuries are a clear sign that our muscles and joints are not handling the activity and extra strain we are putting them under. Due to our bodies being so unconditioned compared to previous years, it is leading to a higher risk of injury.

Your Osteopath will be able to access you for weaknesses and imbalances through out the body to help minimise the risk of injury.

They will also be able to help give advice on strengthening certain muscle groups and increase balance, while also giving you a clear warm up and cool down routine if required to help with post sport recovery.

Discuss with your Practitioner today on how we can help get the best out of your body, so you can continue playing the sports that you love!


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