High Ankle Sprains

woman recovering from an ankle sprain

What Is a High Ankle Sprain? 

A high ankle sprain is stretching of the ligament in front of the ankle which holds our two leg bones- fibula and tibia together above our ankle joint. High ankle sprain is caused by rolling over the front of our foot (toes in the ground) this places more pressure on the front of our ankle, unlike the usual lateral ankle sprain where we roll on the outside of our ankle.

High ankle sprains commonly occur with a fracture, if you are unable to put weight on the ankle after rolling it- be sure to get it seen to. We highly recommend imaging to determine the extent of the injury before treatment.

How Long Does It Take To Heal?

Without a fracture, the ankle generally takes 8-12 weeks to heal however you may not be running until 12 weeks. Due to the instability of the joint above the ankle- the ligament which holds the two bones together is stressed each time you bend your foot up and down (dorsiflex and plantarflex).

Healing time depends on how well the ankle injury is managed, it is very important that the first 2 weeks that the ankle is enforced with strapping or a brace to allow for reduced stress and proper healing of the ligament.   

What Can an Osteopath or Physiotherapist Do?

We can assist your ankle in its normal healing processes by addressing any biomechanical adaptations that may occur due to the altered walking style, they may also be able to provide some pain relief and improve mobility. An osteopath or physiotherapist is qualified to take you through a rehabilitation program to get you back up and running in no time!

If you fear you’ve injured your ankle and are experiencing pain of any kind, book an appointment today! We’ll be sure to have you on the right foot in no time!


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