Tips to Improve Your Whole Health

Woman taking steps to improve your whole health

With the cost of living going up and up, it can be difficult to manage those healthy habits under a tight budget. So here are five quick tips that you can do to help improve your whole health.

Move Better With Osteopathy

man bike riding in nature

Earlier this year, the osteopathic community celebrated International Osteopathic Healthcare Week with the theme of ‘move better with osteopathy’. The purpose of this notion is to encourage Australians old and young to move more to attain a long and active pain-free life and if needed or wanted with the help of their osteopath.

Exercises for Ageing Bones

mature couple safely exercising

Are you in (or approaching) your later years? Are you wondering what you can do to ensure your bones stay strong through the next period of your life? As we age it is common to begin feeling the effects of years of ‘life’ on your body. Diseases like osteoarthritis (i.e. degeneration of joints) and osteoporosis (i.e. weakening of bones) are more common in the elderly population. But just because the figures show this, it doesn’t mean these diseases will affect your ability to lead a full and active life.

Benefits of Clinical Pilates

Woman doing clinical pilates exercise with pilates ring

Clinical Pilates can have a huge benefit to our health, including posture, core strength, and control of our body through every day movements.