Exercise Classes

group exercise mat pilates class

Our Clinical Pilates instructors lead small group classes at our studio in our Traralgon Clinic.


These classes have a maximum of six people per class and offer tailored exercise programs guided by a qualified instructor to support any experience level.

Which Class Should I Choose?

There are two types of exercise class available at HealthLinks Gippsland.

Clinical Exercise

Run by our Osteopath Dr Michelle Derrick, these classes are mat-based and have a maximum of four per class. The exercises in this class are tailored for to each individual and utilise pilates techniques. This class is suitable for all ages and stages of life – including new mums as they are baby friendly!

Chair Based Exercise

Run by our Clinical Pilates Instructor, Laura Foat, these classes utilise chairs for a more supported exercise program. These classes can have up to six people per class and are fantastic for those that feel that they may need a bit of extra support, or are just starting out with exercise and would like to build up confidence in their body. 

More to Come?

We are continuing to build and expand our class timetable with plans for Prenatal, Postnatal and Mums and Bubs classes in the future.

If you have any specific requests or suggestions, please let us know.

What Can Exercise Classes Help with?

Exercise can help in every aspect of a healthy life!

In particular, our clinical exercise classes focus on:

  • Building strength
  • Maintaining balance
  • Improving mobility
  • Reducing pain levels
  • Boosting mood
  • Increasing your confidence in your own body

On top of these specific aims, a group class setting is a fantastic social activity.

It also turns exercise – which can seem unappealing and daunting – into something to look foward to!

How Do I Book?

You will first need an initial assessment by one of our practitioners to identify areas in need of improvement for you as an individual.

Call the Traralgon Admin team on (03) 4135 2516.

How Much Does it cost?

Individual classes are available for $25 per session.

A 6 class bundle is available for an upfront discounted payment of $130.

When are classes held?

See the timetable below for our current class availability in our Traralgon clinic.

Please note that while these are the currently scheduled classes, the classes fill up quickly and as such may not be available exactly when you want.

We are also continuously working on accomodating everyone interested into our classes, so please let us know if there is a specific request you may have.

Please call the Traralgon Admin team on (03) 4135 2516 to find out when you may be able to join a suitable class time.