Your Headache Is Likely Affected by Your Neck

Man suffering from headache

Headaches caused by your neck are usually a result of the top three joints in your neck not moving properly.  This is not something that will show up in a scan, and so the diagnosis must be confirmed via a physical examination from a skilled clinician. Osteopaths for many years have recognised the link between […]

Osteopathy for Premature Babies

photo of premature baby in humidicrib

In our practice, we constantly see examples of babies that benefit enormously from osteopathic care. This has been reflected in some recent studies undertaken in Italian neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) where premature infants have received osteopathic care and been compared to groups that have not.

How Do I Know if My Baby Has Colic?

baby crying with colic

Does your baby experience lots of wind, explosive poos, tummy pain? Squirms around in discomfort, cries inconsolably, is difficult to comfort? Cries and vomits after feeding, arches their back, has loud gurgling sounds in their tummy, or has a swollen or distended stomach?

If you answered yes to one or more of these symptoms it is quite possible that your baby is suffering from infantile colic.

Why Bring a Newborn to an Osteopath?

photo of infant-baby crying

Some signs that may indicate that your newborn is suffering from a sore neck or sore back from the birth process or the babies position in utero may be an inability for your baby to breastfeed freely from one or both sides, that they constantly lay with their head positioned to the same side, intolerance to carseats or baby carriers, difficulty settling to sleep, or excessive crying for unknown reasons.