After Breast Cancer

Woman showing strength after beating breast cancer

Osteopathy is well placed to be able to support women with the musculoskeletal pain associated with medical treatment – after all, we don’t want women just surviving breast cancer, we want quality of life that is not impacted by pain.

Yarram Clinic Blog

Osteopath Dr Kylie Sergentanis at the new Yarram Clinic

The Yarram office of HealthLinks Gippsland (Formerly East Gippsland Osteopathic Clinic) is discovered by following the meandering, winding flower lined garden path to the back of the red roof studios. What a way this is to start a work day – the commute (which also includes a 2 minute drive from child care drop off) is such a distinct contrast to the previous city life I have lived pretty much ever since leaving Yarram Secondary college all those years ago.